Legal Consultants & Cases proceeding.

          Through out vast experience and expertise in law and all types of lawsuits our omniscient attorneys and associates take care of every detail and attend to every legal problem of each and every client with honesty. We always adhere to lawyer-client secrecy and extremely protect the interests of our clients. Whether you are Thai or a foreigner national; we are pleased to offer our efficient legal services for you at a reasonable price.

•  Legal Consultant.
- Legal consultant for private clients, companies, foundations or all juristic persons.
- Offering a legal opinion.
- Guide, check drafts, revise and make juristic acts and contracts and offer suggestions about contracts.

•  Lawsuit / Dispute.
Counseling about lawsuits or disputes and will conduct a case nationwide.
- Notifications, Mediation, and Negotiation.
- Civil/criminal case proceeding, family case, juvenile case, tax case, bankruptcy case, labor case, administration case, intellectual property case, torts and damages, solicitation for approval from the court such as request for being an administrator, a guardian, a curator, an adopter and other legal specialized cases.
- Property investigation, compulsory execution, seizure and public auction.
- Solicitation for interpleading, Average assets, Intervention and Joint Prosecution.
- Bail and release etc.


Registration of Juristic Person Organization.

         In order to register any kind of Juristic Persons in Thailand , you are required to prepare a lot of documentation. Certainly, the preparation of these documents until submission to the official is the most important procedures because the executor must have the meticulousness for preparing all of documents completely, and also have a lot of experience in registering the juristic person or organization to be approved by the official to set up the juristic person or organization in Thailand . The fore-mentioned qualifications we completely have and are ready to offer to you. We have a wealth of experience from over 10 years of dealing with both the government and private sectors and have operated for many kinds of juristic persons and organizations such as; private companies, partnerships, foreign private organizations, and especially foundations and charitable organizations, including f oster homes .

          Additionally, if you wish to be found as any kind of juristic person or organization in Thailand , you need only to trust and assign us to be your assistant. We will handle everything on your behalf from the beginning until the end. Our services include:

- Preparation of documents and filing applications to the correct officials .
- Registration for adjustment or addition of the head office, branch office or regional office.
- Registration of your company name.
- Making application to change or add the name list of committee.
- Provide assistance in opening bank accounts.
- Applying for all kinds of licenses, business registrations, contracts and agreements.
- Drafting and filing a regulation for all juristic persons .
- Appeal of disallowed decision.
- Conference room services for the committee.


Visa / Immigration.

          We are pleased to be your consultant and assist you in your visa / immigration works for tourism, employment, or operating any business in Thailand . Through a wealth of 10 years experience in operating Visa / Immigration works for foreigners, you can trust in the efficiency you will receive from our expert knowledge and excellent service. We service all kinds of Visa / Immigration works such as:

- Counseling about Visa / Immigration.
- In-House Request Visa for staying in the kingdom.
- Request for Visa from Thai Consulate abroad.
- Request for a letter of recommendation for visa extension.
- Extension of temporary permanent stay in the kingdom.
- Apply for all kinds of Non-Immigrant Visas.
- Tourist Visa.
- Residency Visa.
-Dependants Visa.
- Marriage and Retirement Visa.
- Re- Entry Permit into the kingdom.
- Request for Thai Nationality.
- Make new passport etc.


Work Permit.

          In order to work in Thailand you are required to have a work permit, whether you work for a company, foundation, or organization, and whether you are in Thailand or not. We are pleased to offer you counsel, prepare documents, and file the application for your work permit to the government sector until it succeeds in order that you can get a legal work permit. Our services include:

- Counseling about application for work permit.
- Preparation of documents and filing application for work permit.
- Extension or renewal of work permit.
- Adjustment or addition of work or locality or place of work.
- Cessation of work and returning of work permit.


Real Estate / Real Estate Business.

          Real estate transaction services are our expertise. Regardless of what type of transactions your real estate business requires; we can provide all your needed services. Such as:

- Trading, Purchasing, Leasing, Mortgaging Land & House or Condominium.
- Property Conveyances & Title Registration.
- Juristic acts and contracts concerning Real Estate.
- Land commercial license.
- Land development license.
- Land Measuring.
- Construction license.
- Registration of Condominium.


Notarial Service.

          We have a licensed Attorney of The Lawyer Council of Thailand, who is qualified to certify signatures and documents as a registered notarial services attorney. In summary, our services include:

- Authentication of Copy.
- Authentication of Signature.




Accountancy Services and Taxation.

          We have attorneys and associates in our accounting firm that are experts in Accountancy and Taxation, we endeavor to provide efficient services for you such as:

Counseling and Set up of accounting system.
- Management accounting services.
- Auditing Services.

Counseling and Strategic Tax Planning.
- Tax Assessment Negotiation / Appeal of Tax Assessment
- Apply for tax ID cards
- VAT registration.
- Filing tax return.



          Through our vast experience of working with foreigners for many years, we know that the difference of language is an obstacle for foreigners who want to run a business in Thailand . Since Thai is the government's official language, all documents used for making requests and a juristic act must be completed in Thai. Some of documents must be translated very accurately and may use technical legal term inology, which is hard to find in a general translation center. For this reason, we set up our translation section named Wisdom Translation to provide an efficient translation for all kinds of documents, legal documents including the application for the registration of juristic persons. You can rest assured that all your documents will be translated accurately and you will fully understand the document. We guarantee in the efficiency and honesty you will receive, our services include:

- Thai to English translations.
- English to Thai translations.


Labor and Employment

          We offer a comprehensive service on all issues in relation to labor and employment for both parties; employer and employee. Our service includes advice on various formalities to be complied with and litigation, negotiation and collective bargaining which are a routine part of labor legislation and industrial relations.

- Counseling about employment and labor legislation .
- Employment Agreements.
- Social Security Fund Registrations.
- Employment Disputes, etc...


Private Clients.

In addition to the fore-mentioned service, we also provide other services for Private Clients such as:

- Registration of Marriage Certificate.
- Registration of Paternity, Adoption and other works that are related with The Register Office.
- Wills / Trusts.
- Personal Administering of estates.
- Driver's License.
- Preparation of Powers of Attorney.
- Counseling about Casualty insurance policy .
- Personal banking
- Shipping and Customs.
- Trade Licenses etc.